INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENSE COMMISSARIAT (IHRDC-CIPDH) promotes and protects human rights for all, IHRDC-CIPDH leads global human rights efforts speaks out objectively in the face of human rights violations worldwide. We provide a forum for identifying, highlighting and developing responses to today’s human rights challenges, and act as the principal focal point of human rights research, education, public information, and advocacy activities worldwide.

Since Governments have the primary responsibility to protect human rights, the IHRDC-CIPDH provides assistance to Governments, such as expertise and technical trainings in the areas of administration of justice, legislative reform, and electoral process, to help implement international human rights standards on the ground. We also assist other entities with responsibility to protect human rights to fulfil their obligations and individuals to realize their rights.

IHRDC-CIPDH is a voice for the voiceless and an advocate for human rights for all of the world. IHRDC-CIPDH partners with leaders worldwide to focus awareness on areas of critical importance in the struggle for human rights and lend a hand to some of the less-publicized cases of human rights abuse and neglect.



Cooperation with Bangladesh.

President of International Investment and Business Confederation (ULUSKON), IHRDC Goodwill  Ambassador Mrs. Atasoy Nezaket, within the framework of the development of social projects and strengthening of international cooperation, visited the ambassador of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in the Republic of Turkey Mr. Mosud Mannan. The topic of the meeting, which was in the new…

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Turkey’s first business woman appointed as IHRDC Goodwill Ambassador

IHRDC officially announcing Nezaket Emine Atasoy’s appointment as a IHRDC Goodwill Ambassador. Nezaket Emine Atasoy started her first business by founding “Öncü Industry Construction Tourism Trade Limited Company” in 1994. She established her second company “Başkent Restoration Project Construction Consultancy, Tourism Industry and Trade Limited” in 2012. Also she founded “Atasoylar Prestige Construction Company” in 2013 and…

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Famous Russian surgeon-oncologist is new IHRDC goodwill ambassador

A well-known doctor – oncologist of the highest category, the author of unique methods of operations for head and neck tumors, Victor Paramonov has become a International Human Rights Defense Committee goodwill ambassador, pledging to promote affordable medicine for vulnerable populations. He will be a campaigner for the IHRDC Central Asia Program. A few facts about his professional…

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Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December — the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted, in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR). The UDHR is a milestone document that proclaims the inalienable rights which everyone is entitled to as a human being – regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, language,…

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Innovative equipment & technologies by PERISO SA

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the Medical Department of International Human Rights Defence Committee (CIPDH) in cooperation with Cann IQ Ltd. offers for consideration innovative equipment manufactured by PERISO SA (Switzerland) for a practical and effective fight against COVID-19. We offer the following equipment for consideration: Ventilators Ionizers of Air Ozonizers The Ventilators: The…

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Medical Equipment

International french organisation “Comité International pour la Protection des Droits de l’Homme.CIPDH” continues to develop international contacts in the field of medicine. To develop joint projects, the CIPDH Medical Department signed a strategic cooperation agreement with one of the three largest Chinese medical equipment factories. Parties designated Horgos Qiansheng Shicheng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd company…

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Medical Cooperation.

Medical Department of french international organisation “Comité International pour la Protection des Droits de l’Homme” signed a cooperation agreement with the Israeli company “Cann IQ” Ltd. Main goal of this agreement is improving the living standards of vulnerable population groups by improving the quality of provided healthcare services. The parties agreed to launch a joint…

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“Council of Generals” of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Within the framework of joint realization of state programs of Republic of Kazakhstan, International Human Rights Defense Committee signed a strategic cooperation agreement  the Republican public association “Council of Generals” of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The statutory goals of “Council of Generals” are to assist the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in strengthening national…

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