Since the establishment of the INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENSE COMMISSARIAT, promoting and encouraging respect for human rights for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion, as stipulated in the United Nations Charter, has been one of the fundamental goals of the organization. We are tasked with mainstreaming human rights within the United Nations, which means injecting a human rights perspective into all United Nations programmes. This is to ensure that peace and security, development, and human rights – the three essential pillars of the United Nations system – are interlinked and mutually reinforcing.

This task is essential at a time when the United Nations is undergoing its most far-reaching reform. As we face ever changing challenges in the new millennium, the international community unequivocally puts human rights at centre-stage in addressing various pressing issues worldwide. IHRDC-CIPDH responding to the broad range of human rights challenges facing the international community today.