Main objective of IHRDC-CIPDH is the protection of inalienable human rights , support of state, international, public, religious and other organisations in struggle against the illegal actions which are violating human rights. The IHRDC-CIPDH collects and analyses the information on observance of human rights worldwide and extends it among representatives of the governments, the intergovernmental organisations, mass-media and the wide public.

The International human rights defence commissariat IHRDC-CIPDH publishes reports containing messages of infringements of the international norms of the human rights stated in the General declaration of human rights and other international recognised human rights norms. 

Researchers and experts of IHRDC-CIPDH carry out missions for definition of the facts of infringement of human rights and publish them in local and international mass-media. The questions discussed by the International human rights defence committee in the reports, include social and gender discrimination, torture, military use of children, political corruption, abusings in system of criminal justice. The International human rights defence committee documents and informs of infringements of laws of war and the international humanitarian right.