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Name Description Version Owner Author File Size
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Power of attorney for negotiations on behalf of CIPDH from 22.08.2019. Place: Paris. France. Int. No: 344-012. Original: English. Issued to mr. Komarkovskiy Andrey 1.1 IHRDC-CIPDH Secretariat 1.4 MB
Power of Attorney for Negotiations on behalf of CIPDH from 09/08/2019. Place: France. Paris. INT NO: 154-05. Original: English. Issued to: MR. CHOUEIRY EMIL. 1.1 IHRDC-CIPDH Secretariat CIPDH Secretariat 451.7 KB
IHRDC-CIPDH Information Letter
Short description about IHRDC aims and goals 1.0 IHRDC-CIPDH Secretariat IHRDC Secretariat 439.1 KB